Monday, May 18, 2015


What did I eat last night, what caused the problem? I don't know who the culprit was, but my stomach decided that it was the wrong thing to eat. Okay, that's it, no more details, but the middle of my night was spent organizing a sub, and getting sub plans together.

And that's how getting really sick brought me to a bout of early morning #CelebrateMonday... In past years, doing sub plans has been a nightmare that means being working for hours. Gathering books, making copies, organizing my desk, it was always awful. How often I've said (and heard others say), "Getting ready for a sub is more trouble than it's worth. I'd rather just go to school sick." That's not always possible, and what makes me so happy today is how easy it was to get ready.

My class has become very workshop based this year. My students have several tasks to work on each day, and choice as to how they complete them. Now, with some students, that does require a lot of hand holding, they're not always used to much freedom, but in general, my kids have returned my trust with trustworthy behavior. And let me tell you, it's made writing sub plans a lot easier - math - students should know what they're working on. Reading? Here are the three different tasks students should be choosing from. Again, it's not always perfect, but we're getting closer.

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