Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oh Goodness!

I've mentioned in the past that I overpack the last few weeks of my year so we don't get complacent. This year, I'm wondering if it may be too much. My conscientious kids are getting overwhelmed, and the kids who need a push are finding too many reasons to get off task.

We have so much pulling at us right now. We're working on a book that needs photographing, podcasting, blogging, catching up on math skills and reading goals to prep for fourth grade, and working through new science and social studies skills. In addition to this, we're adding in one fun event for every day of #CrayCrayMay.

While all of this is on our communal plate, as a teacher, I've got my trip to EdCamp USA coming up next week, and I'm also looking at my super-stuffed classroom with fear as I think about the end of the year pack up.

Tomorrow, my plan is to begin the day by putting together a chart with students so they can have a list of what they need to do so they can use their workshop time more wisely. Students who are all caught up need things to do while others are making sure that they have all of their required bases covered. I also need to make sure that we have play time worked in! The last 15 minutes of every well worked hour should be fun! It's important to me that I work over this process with my students. I want them to not only see how the proverbial sausage is made, I want them to make it with me. When students know the work of planning, and take part in it, they have more buy-in on making sure it works.

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