Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Snack & Share 2: The Snackquel

Our first Snack and Share went well enough, but it didn't meet one of my goals. I had been hoping to have a space for teachers to share good ideas as well as brainstorm solutions to our struggles. The stresses that you find at the start of any school year dominated the talk - and that was a good thing. When everyone is feeling stressed and tired, it's incredibly useful to get together and vent. It lets us know we're not alone.

But, but, but...

Part of me was a little sad that we didn't get much chance to share our coolness. Never mind that according to Maaslow's Hierarchy of Needs, we weren't ready to share a lot of coolness, life didn't work according to my plan. Lesson learned - let things work the way they will, when you need to, just release pressure.

This week worked out more like I'd hoped - I work with some fantastic teachers, and they brought some cool stuff. We shared some great online resources, from GoMath, Scholastic Storyworks, Storybird, Kahoot, and Bing for Schools(scroll down). We talked about different uses for these sites, and best of all, we had crackers, chocolates, lemonade, and tea.

I can't wait for October 14 to do it again!

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